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Fundraising campaigns are essential for nonprofit growth, sustainability, and program development. Our team can help you get ready for a campaign and plan for success. 

Campaign Readiness 

Before you embark on any large-scale capital campaign, it’s important to understand your organization’s ability to execute and your key donor’s enthusiasm to support it. We work with you and your organization to clarify your vision and strategically assess campaign readiness from the case for support to a detailed campaign action plan.

  • Development of the case for support

  • Establishment of targeted campaign goal

  • Campaign feasibility interviews and broader constituent survey to assess campaign merits and donor interest

  • Comprehensive campaign feasibility report including market testing, analysis and recommendations

  • Campaign action plan

Campaign Success 

Whether you are considering a comprehensive campaign or campaign for a specific capital project, we partner with you to build the foundation for a highly successful campaign. Our experience leading multi-million dollar campaigns allows us to complement your team and provide professional counsel. From the development of a strategic campaign plan to volunteer training to major gift prospecting, we are there from beginning to end to ensure that your campaign remains on track and your ambitious goal is realized.

  • Campaign goals and objectives

  • Strategic campaign plan

  • Staffing assessment and management

  • Volunteer structure and organization

  • Major gift prospecting and research

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