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Executive Search and Coaching

Executive Search

Mobility of development professionals has become the norm for non-profits creating ongoing vacancies in key leadership, revenue producing roles. We understand your next hire is the most important one. Finding candidates that fit culturally, possess the necessary skills and experience, receive board endorsement and align with your mission is a complex puzzle. We are uniquely positioned to leverage our relationships and understanding of advancement success to assist you.

  • Assessment of institutional needs

  • Development of position specification and scope

  • Extensive candidate and referral network

  • Oversight of interview and selection process

  • Compensation negotiation

  • Onboarding and orientation     

Development Coaching 

A dynamic, successful development professional builds strong relationships, and ultimately even stronger supporters, for your organization. Mastering this is both an art and a science. We work closely with your development team on a short-term basis to ensure they have the right tools to succeed.

  • Ongoing development mentorship

  • Time management and goal prioritization

  • Donor relationship strategy development

  • Utilization and stratification of donor data

  • Creation of personal growth and professional development plan

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