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Planned and Legacy Giving

We believe that every nonprofit should establish a planned and legacy giving program. And our team is here to help. 

Establishing a robust planned giving program has many benefits for both your organization and your donors: 

  • Development staff members are able to connect intentionally with donors about their legacy. 

  • Your organization is able to leverage and discuss the various planned giving opportunities to connect with stakeholders on gift options they might not be considering.

  • Your organization can diversify its financial revenue streams, ensuring both short and long-term financial sustainability.

  • Planned giving programs can be simple and align with your organization’s goals and objectives.


Inspire Philanthropy can help you create the organizational capacity to promote planned giving and take advantage of all it has to offer. Legacy gifts are usually the largest gift a donor will make to your organization. It is important to position your planned giving effort strategically within the broader context of the organization’s planning and with donor interests in mind. 


There are many ways for donors to make a planned gift. They are not only deferred gifts. They are strategically planned gifts made during the donor’s lifetime. Non-cash gifts or gifts made with tax planning in mind can help you meet the needs of your high-capacity donors and your organization right now. 

Areas of Focus

So often, planned giving takes a back seat to more immediate development priorities. And many nonprofits believe they are not ready or able to handle planned gifts. 


Let us help you launch your planned giving program today and support your team to:

  • Educate your leadership and supporters about the value and benefits of planned giving

  • Coach you and your development team to solicit and secure planned gifts 

  • Create a successful multichannel planned giving marketing program

  • Develop appropriate gift acceptance policies and procedures to cultivate and steward planned giving donors

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